Lady Diana

Lady Di and her death

We all know the story of our lovely Lady Diana but if you don’t there is a little summary :

  1. Lady Diana was born the 07/01/1961
  2. She grew up with a noble family “Spencer”
  3. She married the prince of Wales in 1981 ( Elizabeth’s son )
  4. She had 2 boys William and Harry
  5. She divorce
  6. She died in 1997.

Alright, now that everyone knows everything I’m gonna talk about the real topic right now.

Before you need to know that she was/ is an icon and everyone loved her.

I’m sure you’re wondering what killed her. Well it’s her fame in a car accident.

Where everything is getting complicated is that a man named “ Robin Turner ” decided to create a theme park on Diana’s death and many other celebrities death the ” National Enquirer live “.

For Robin it’s not a big deal it’s just for fun ! But the best thing is that it’s not even expensive, you only have to pay 20 dollars if you are an adult.

To be honest with you I find this disrespectful and ridiculous. I mean this is not a joke we’re talking about a mother a sister a daughter and you wanna play with her death? Nah I totally disagree

What about you ? Do you agree ? You can obviously tell your opinion; we’re free here.

Did you know this news ? I don’t think so. Soooooo ThankYouMe!