Hello you guys , how are you ?

Today we are gonna talk about the new movie inspired by Aladin from Disney nameeeeeeed ” Aladin”

You weren’t expecting that. Were you ? Just kidding !

The movie came out on the 24th may 2019 in the United states so if you haven’t seen it yet do it !

I was super excited about the movie still is but I can’t go to see it cause I got my exams in a 1 week….

Guys if you saw it don’t spoile me !

Our fabulous Aladin is played by ” Mena Massoud ” a super handsome Egyptian Canadian boy.

Our amazing Jasmine is played by ” Naomi Scoot ” our new favorite British actress.

Obviously the Genie of the lamp is played by our prince ” Will Smith “. I don’t think I need to introduce him , he’s too famous !

And our last one is the Grand Vizier played by ” Marwan Kenzari “ a fantastic and really talented Tunisian duch.

What do you guys think about the movie?

Did you like it ( why) ?

Did you dislike it ( why)?

Do you think it was a good idea ( why)?

If you haven’t seen it why ?

What do you want me to talk then?

Did you know this news ? I don’t think so. Soooooo ThankYouMe!