Sister end

Hello everyone today I learned that James Charles cancels his tour.

James Charles is a makeup artist who actually likes singing. You can decide if you don’t like his voice or if you do like it.

If you like it sad for you it’s over.

So the question now is why his sister tour is over?

Well it’s for is mental health. Many things problems about him happened recently and he wanna take a break to think about him first.

Do you like him ? Do you like is voice ? Are you sad/ happy. Why ?

What do you want me to talk then ?

Did you know this news ? I don’t think so. Soooooo ThankYouMe!




Hello you guys , how are you ?

Today we are gonna talk about the new movie inspired by Aladin from Disney nameeeeeeed ” Aladin”

You weren’t expecting that. Were you ? Just kidding !

The movie came out on the 24th may 2019 in the United states so if you haven’t seen it yet do it !

I was super excited about the movie still is but I can’t go to see it cause I got my exams in a 1 week….

Guys if you saw it don’t spoile me !

Our fabulous Aladin is played by ” Mena Massoud ” a super handsome Egyptian Canadian boy.

Our amazing Jasmine is played by ” Naomi Scoot ” our new favorite British actress.

Obviously the Genie of the lamp is played by our prince ” Will Smith “. I don’t think I need to introduce him , he’s too famous !

And our last one is the Grand Vizier played by ” Marwan Kenzari “ a fantastic and really talented Tunisian duch.

What do you guys think about the movie?

Did you like it ( why) ?

Did you dislike it ( why)?

Do you think it was a good idea ( why)?

If you haven’t seen it why ?

What do you want me to talk then?

Did you know this news ? I don’t think so. Soooooo ThankYouMe!


Featuring ?

You’ve probably heard this rumor saying that Rihanna and Ariana Grande will make a song for Rihanna’s new album.

I don’t personally know if it’s true but if it is it’ll be lit. Ariana Grande is know for her incredible voice but the fact that we forgot is that Rihanna is an amazing vocalist.

Two queens together! Can’t wait to see if it’s true or not.

I’d love this to be true! What about you and why ?

What do you want me to talk then ?

Did you know this news ? I don’t think so. Soooooo ThankYouMe!


Lady Diana

Lady Di and her death

We all know the story of our lovely Lady Diana but if you don’t there is a little summary :

  1. Lady Diana was born the 07/01/1961
  2. She grew up with a noble family “Spencer”
  3. She married the prince of Wales in 1981 ( Elizabeth’s son )
  4. She had 2 boys William and Harry
  5. She divorce
  6. She died in 1997.

Alright, now that everyone knows everything I’m gonna talk about the real topic right now.

Before you need to know that she was/ is an icon and everyone loved her.

I’m sure you’re wondering what killed her. Well it’s her fame in a car accident.

Where everything is getting complicated is that a man named “ Robin Turner ” decided to create a theme park on Diana’s death and many other celebrities death the ” National Enquirer live “.

For Robin it’s not a big deal it’s just for fun ! But the best thing is that it’s not even expensive, you only have to pay 20 dollars if you are an adult.

To be honest with you I find this disrespectful and ridiculous. I mean this is not a joke we’re talking about a mother a sister a daughter and you wanna play with her death? Nah I totally disagree

What about you ? Do you agree ? You can obviously tell your opinion; we’re free here.

Did you know this news ? I don’t think so. Soooooo ThankYouMe!


Introduce myself

Hello I’m thankyoume! Here I’m gonna talk about celebrities and the news that I find important but also about myself and you. I want this website to be a place where people have fun and laugh. Everytime that a news will came out in the celebrities world you can be sure that I’ll be here to talk about it and you can be here too. Also, English isn’t my first language so I’ll try my best to not make mistakes. Bye.